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Independent studies report that Business Listings has the potential to provide a very good return on investment

Last month, Forrester Consulting completed Total Economic Impact™ studies on behalf of two TripAdvisor Business Listings clients, Sabre Hospitality Solutions and an organization which has chosen to remain anonymous.  Both studies were commissioned by TripAdvisor.  We are pleased to announce that Forrester reports that Business Listings has the potential to provide a very good return on investment.    The full studies, “The Total Economic Impact of TripAdvisor’s Business Listings,” and highlights are available here.

Anonymous Organization

  • This organization manages twenty hotels that are currently Business Listings subscribers.
  • In their study, Forrester comments on the Organization’s overall use of Business Listings across the 20 hotels and quantifies the benefits and ROI for one select property, a hotel located near Times Square in New York City. It is a popular brand-name chain with about 450 rooms.
  • The Organization reported a range of benefits among its 20 hotels with incremental booking ratios ranging widely from 1:4 to 1:86.
  • For every dollar spent on Business Listings, the New York City hotel receives $56 (1-to-56 ratio) in incremental bookings.
  • For the Organization’s New York City hotel, TripAdvisor’s Business Listings produced a very positive 4,660% risk-adjusted ROI and a very quick — within one monthhorizon to recoup the investment.
  • Full Anonymous Organization study

Sabre Hospitality Solution

  • Sabre Hospitality’s clients subscribing to Business Listings range in size from four to 720 room hotels. Fifty percent of them are located in the U.S. and 50 percent were located in Europe and Asia Pacific.
  • Sabre hotel clients are receiving an average of $6 in incremental bookings for every dollar spent.
  • Some smaller to midsize hotels are seeing as high as $20 for every dollar spent. 
  • Business Listings produced a “very positive 410%  risk-adjusted¹ ROI and a very quick  two-month horizon to recoup the investment” for hotels participating in Sabre Hospitality’s online media buying and planning program last year.
  • The study notes: “By tracking only click-throughs, the benefits and ROI are almost certainly underreported.”
  • Full Sabre Hospitality Solutions study
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