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TripAdvisor family travel survey provides tips on pleasing everyone

According to TripAdvisor’s annual family travel survey of more than 1,600 U.S. travelers, the number of travelers planning on taking at least one family vacation this year has gone up to 83% from 79% in 2010. And the great news is that 39% are planning on spending more on family trips, while 36% aim to spend around the same amount as last year.

Photo taken by TripAdvisor member llwoods

Our survey also revealed that travelers who aren’t so keen on the chaos and noise of small children are prepared to pay a premium for some kid-free peace and quiet. If you welcome families to your hotel but also want to please those who are traveling without them, here are a few tips from travelers in our survey:

• Provide loungers by an adult-only section of the pool – 28% will happily pay extra for it! The sound of children splashing around is not music to everyone’s ears…
• The same goes for restaurants — travelers looking to enjoy a leisurely meal want to do so away from food fights and tantrums. Twenty-eight percent said it was worth paying more for the privilege.
• Put families in one section of your hotel, especially if your walls are thin. Twenty-seven percent of surveyed travelers would pay extra rather than hear little ones in the room next door.

Full survey results are available here

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