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Owners have their say at TripAdvisor focus groups

We’d like to thank all the hoteliers who gave us their views at our recent forums in Newton and London. As part of our ongoing goal of making TripAdvisor the most useful marketing tool for the hospitality trade we asked a key contingent – hoteliers themselves – to come in and talk to us.

To collect relevant and all encompassing feedback, we invited a mixture of representatives including owners, Revenue Managers and Sales and Marketing Directors from different types of properties ranging from large and small hotels to B&Bs.

Their feedback was invaluable and will help us refine our focus on items such as simplifying listings edits and updates, clarifying processes, and communicating more clearly.

The hoteliers also told us that our free tools are a well kept secret and some of the things we should be shouting about are that:

• Owners can upload photos and videos to their listing; this is fast and easy to do and new photos are live within 24 hours. More info.
• Owners can select the main photo that appears on their listing – this also appears on the new photo search. More info.
• Owners can request to have old reviews removed if they date back to a previous owner or brand and proper documentation is provided.
• Owners that subscribe to a Business Listing have the ability to leverage Special Offers and raise the visibility of their listing.

If you haven’t yet registered with our free Owners’ Center and used these tools and more to manage your listing, we strongly recommend that you do so. With the feedback from our focus groups, we will continue to upgrade existing functionality and introduce new features to help owners maximize the benefits of TripAdvisor.

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