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Independent study reports that Varden Hotel sees $50 in incremental bookings for every dollar spent on Business Listings









This month, Forrester Consulting completed a study of Business Listings results for The Varden Hotel, a 35-room boutique property in downtown Long Beach, California.  The study, commissioned by TripAdvisor and entitled “The Total Economic Impact of TripAdvisor’s Business Listings,” reported the following results:

  • The Varden Hotel received $50 in incremental bookings for every $1 spent (1:50 ratio).
  • For the Varden, Business Listings produced a very positive 4,150% risk-adjusted ROI and a very quick — within one month — horizon to recoup the investment.
  • The Varden employs a digital marketing company to track the effectiveness of marketing being used to drive traffic to their website. This marketing company was able to provide independent data as to the effectiveness of Business-Listings-referred visits to the Varden’s website, including:
    • 1,281 visits to Business Listings sent 1,281 visits to the Varden Hotel’s website in 2010, which represents 3.2% of the total visits.
    • More pages per visit. Visitors coming to Varden’s website from Business Listings looked at an average of 4.26 pages per visit, while visitors from all sources looked at an average of only 3.33 pages. This is a 28% increase in the number of page visits for visitors originating from Business Listings. 
    •  Excellent bounce rate. The Varden’s website has an average bounce rate of 32.39% from all visits. For visits originating from BL, the bounce rate is only 12.65% which – according to the interviewed digital marketing company – is an excellent rate and implies a highly qualified and interested visitor.
  •  Since the Varden only tracked click-throughs, the study notes: “The benefits and ROI are almost certainly underreported.”
  • For the Varden, Business Listings is projected to provide risk-adjusted incremental bookings of $76,558 over a three-year period.
  • The full Varden case study is available here.




Co-owner Larry Black sums up his experience with Business Listings: “The bottom line is that we definitely get more customers overall from TripAdvisor Business Listings, there’s no question. Because when we’re sold out night after night after night, we’re constantly having people say, ‘We saw you on TripAdvisor, and you have a great internet presence.’”



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