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Tracking Business Listings activity

We hear from many hotels that Business Listings boosts their traffic and increases bookings, but how can you track how much activity it is generating for you?

We’ve put together a guide on “How to track your Business Listings activity” to help you capture the email inquiries, phone inquiries, and website traffic that is coming from your Business Listing. Collecting this data is a critical step in understanding how your Business Listing is performing for you.

The guide walks you through Google Analytics, a free tool that measures website traffic, and lists resources for telephone tracking, as well. It includes tips on measuring Special Offer activity, and general advice on what to do with all this data once you’ve collected it. Download the free guide, and get started on better tracking today!

Our business listing on TripAdvisor results in more referrals than any other listing service we use. Since we have had our business listing at TripAdvisor, visits to our website have gone up a third. In general, TripAdvisor drives almost as much business to our website as Google, where we are listed on the first page.
– Wolfgang Herrlinger, owner of Athole Guest House, Bath

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