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World’s largest travel site keeps on growing

TripAdvisor has grown from its start up days in February 2000 to the world’s largest travel site today.  We’ve just announced that we have reached 45 million reviews and opinions, and now have 23 new contributions posted every minute!

We have also expanded globally and are now operating in 29 countries and 20 languages, reaching an audience of 40 million unique visitors a month. Just last year we launched in Argentina, Greece, Indonesia, Russia, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, Norway, Poland, Taiwan and, this year, in Malaysia.

Our last milestone was 40 million reviews and opinions back in October 2010, which means that in the space of 6 months our content grew by 5 million contributions!
From Aachen in Germany to Zululand in Africa, if there is a hotel, B&B, restaurant or attraction there, we’ve got it listed! It breaks down as:

85,000+ destinations
474,000+ hotels and accommodations
100,000+ vacation rentals
135,000+ attractions
6,000,000+ candid traveler photos

We’re excited to reach the 45 million reviews and opinions milestone, and look forward to more growth in 2011!

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