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How we determine what makes a “hotel” on TripAdvisor

How do we define what is a Hotel and what isn’t?
Because TripAdvisor listings are global, and every country has a different definition and expectations of what services a hotel should offer, we developed our own criteria to be consistent on a global level. Travelers want to know what to expect wherever they are in the world.

We based our criteria on the services we think international travelers expect from a hotel – and having ‘hotel’ in the name is not enough!

Our criteria for a hotel are:
• A 24-hour front desk.
• Daily housekeeping included in the room rate.
• A private bathroom for each unit.
• If there is a minimum-stay requirement, it must be no more than 3 nights.

We understand that in some places it may not, for example, be feasible for a hotel to man the front desk 24/7 and that this may be considered acceptable for a hotel in that country. For this reason we do recognize official local classifications. So, if your national or local tourism or government body has licensed your property specifically as a hotel, we will recognize it as such.

Getting recognized as a Hotel
You can get your property recategorized by emailing or faxing your license to us (Fax in the USA: 1-617-670-6306). Allow time for processing, as we may have to translate or authenticate your documentation but once that is done, your property will be moved into the hotels list.

For more tips on how to make the most of your listing on TripAdvisor visit our new A-Z Tips section on this blog.

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