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Why management responses make a difference

For years we have been hearing from travelers that a management response to a negative review often has more of an impact on their booking decision than the review itself. Travelers have said that management responses indicate that a hotel takes customer feedback seriously.
This winter, we commissioned Forrester Consulting to survey a group of international travelers and gather details on exactly what kind of influence a management response can have. The results are very good news for properties who are posting them!

Seventy-one percent of travelers said that seeing management responses to reviews is important to them.

Perhaps even more importantly, 68% said that if they were considering two comparable properties, the presence of a management response on one would actually sway them in its favor!

Management responses to good reviews makes 78% of survey respondents think more highly of the property, while management responses to bad reviews reassure 79% of travelers.

When you do respond to a negative review, make sure you do so in a cool and professional way. Letting your emotions get the better of you and taking criticism personally doesn’t impress potential guests reading your reply:  60% of respondents said an aggressive management response to a bad review actually made the hotel look worse in their eyes!

What is an appropriate response and how do you write one? To answer that question and see more of the Forrester data, read our ‘How to’ Guide with tips, suggestions and best practice techniques on writing management responses.

* A commissioned survey conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of TripAdvisor, “2010 Q4 Forrester/TripAdvisor Custom Online Survey”.

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