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Hoteliers who are making social media work for them

This year our annual Accommodation Owners Survey confirmed that online marketing, social media and mobile are areas where hoteliers want to dedicate more marketing spend.

So, what are hoteliers doing to raise their social media presence? In our survey, 60% voted TripAdvisor as the most effective social media site for marketing their properties, followed by Facebook at 22% then Twitter at 16%. Today, we thought we’d have a look at some of the great things hoteliers are doing on Twitter and Facebook.

A good example of a small hotel that is very active on social media and making it work for them is J Boutique Hotel in Bali. The J Hotel uses Twitter regularly to post deals, recruit staff and promote special offers. Guests can book through their Facebook page, submit reviews to TripAdvisor, and find comprehensive information about the hotel and services as well as ask questions and get local advice.

Hopton House B&B in the UK focuses primarily on Twitter, where owner Karen Thorne does a great job of sharing country life, quirky bits of information and general whimsy with her impressive 4,325 followers. She also has a blog where she talks about local events and favorite recipes, and posts stunning photos of the countryside in different seasons. Her success on Twitter shows it needn’t be about the hard sell – if your content is appealing the audience will come to you!

The Kimpton Hotel group in the US use Twitter to publicize deals and special offers to their 14,337 followers. They also host a blog  and have a very active Facebook page where they run contests and update fans on what is going on in their various hotels and locations.

Social media is a great way to connect with customers – existing or future – build loyalty, and grow your reputation online.

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