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Accommodations that make the most of their TripAdvisor listings

TripAdvisor is continually developing new resources to help hoteliers build their businesses. So, we were delighted when 60% of participants in our recent Accommodation Owners Survey named TripAdvisor as the most effective site for marketing their property.

And yet many hoteliers are still not fully maximizing their listings. If you haven’t got at least 20 photos on your listing or a property description and amenities list in the details tab, and if you don’t monitor your reviews and reply to select ones, you aren’t making the most of your TripAdvisor listing.

If you need a bit of inspiration, here are some properties that are making TripAdvisor work hard for them:

• The manager of the Pura Vida Hotel, Costa Rica has done a great job of optimizing their listing with a full description, fabulous photos, special offers and management responses.
• The guest relations manager at Tiran Island Hotel, Egypt responds to all reviews, both positive and negative, and is unfailingly polite and professional.
• The Holiday Inn London – Camden Lock has created a great description on the details tab, giving information on transport links to the hotel, places of interest nearby, detailed descriptions of the rooms, and available conference facilities.
• The Green Turtle Floating Bed and Breakfast in Boston is another property that has made good use of the hotel description, giving potential guests as much information as possible. They have also uploaded some great photos to give travelers a good idea of what to expect, both inside and outside the property.

For suggestions and tips on how to optimize your TripAdvisor listing visit our A-Z tips section.

*TripAdvisor Accommodation Owners Survey 2011

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