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The Owners’ Forum: An invaluable resource

The TripAdvisor Owners’ Forum is a place for owners, managers and other business representatives to share ideas, advice, and support around using TripAdvisor. If you haven’t already paid a visit to it, drop in and explore some of the dynamic on-going discussions!

You’ll notice certain names cropping up a lot, stepping in to give advice to newbies, explaining how things work, and answering questions. These are the DEs, and they are the keystones of the Forum.

DE stands for Destination Expert. If you use our traveler forums, you will know the DEs as volunteers who dedicate their time to helping travelers get the most out of their vacations. They are particularly familiar with an area, either because they live there or travel there a lot, and have been nominated as DEs because of the excellent advice and information they consistently give to travelers.

The Owners’ Forum DEs are, for the most part, hospitality professionals like yourselves who have been members of TripAdvisor for a while and know all the ins and outs of working with the site. They see things from the perspective of an owner and are unfailingly helpful and polite to everyone who posts on the forums.

DEs are not TripAdvisor staff. They don’t get paid or receive special treatment or benefits, other than the satisfaction of being able to help others and, through the forums, having some input into the ongoing development of the site.

Four DEs you are likely to see on the Owners’ Forum are Country_Wife, Expat-in-Cabarete, PDXNoah and RescueTeam. They do a fantastic job giving good advice, practical help, and useful information on the workings of the site. Thanks to them, and all the other DEs who participate, for sharing the benefit of their experience!

To access the forums you need to be a registered owner. Once you have registered you’ll see a link to the Owners’ Forum on the home page of your Owners’ Center, so have a look and see what you think!

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