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How is your average rate on TripAdvisor calculated?

Hoteliers often ask us: how is the average rate that appears on their listing calculated, and how can they change it?  That figure comes from one of two sources, depending on whether or not properties have contracts with booking partners such as Priceline,, Thomas Cook, Venere, and others.

In the image on the right, the top property has booking partners. That is indicated by the ‘Show Prices’ box on their listing. Their average rate has been calculated based on information that TripAdvisor receives from these booking partners on their pricing for all of their rooms – including taxes and fees – throughout the year.

If you have booking partners and there is a problem with the average rate on your listing,  you need to contact your booking partners directly to adjust the pricing information they provide to TripAdvisor. We cannot update the average rate on your listing without this input from your booking partners.

If you do not have booking partners, as in the second listing above, someone at your property has provided us with your average rate.  If you need to update it, submit a request to change it through your Owners’ Center. Just go to the ‘Manage your listing’ tab and use the ‘Update property details’ link. Click on the link, fill out the form, and we will process the change.

Have another question on where listing information on TripAdvisor comes from?  Let us know in the comments and keep an eye on future posts!

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