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Managing foreign language reviews on your listing

Have you ever received a new review notification email for a foreign language review, but were unable to find the review on your listing page?

Reviews on TripAdvisor are sorted by language first and then by date. So if your default language is set to English, you will see all your English reviews in chronological order followed by foreign language reviews, displayed in alphabetical order by language.  If you want to view reviews in a different order, you can change the default in the dropdown box on your page.

Replying to a foreign language review

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If you do not speak the language the review is written in, use the Google Translation button on the review to read it and decide if you would like to write a Management Response. If you would, you will need to respond in the same language as the original review. Log in to the relevant site (e.g., to respond to a review in French you will need to log into using your regular log in details. Click on the ‘Manage Your Listings’ link at the top of the page, in the local language, to navigate to the Owners’ Center in the usual way.

If you don’t speak the language in question and have had your response translated by somebody else, you may find it hard to move through the foreign language site. In this case, go to the ‘Respond to a review’ page on your native language site and, in the URL at the top of the screen, change the domain suffix ( etc.) to that of the review language site.  For example, for French it would be “.fr”. Hit the return button and it will take you directly to your ‘Respond to reviews’ page on the French site.

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The process is then exactly the same as for submitting a Management Response in English. Identify the review by name, cut and paste your reply into the field, and click the button underneath to submit.

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