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Special Offers map view: Location, location, location…and deals

What are the two of the top priorities these days for guests seeking a hotel? Location and deals.

With TripAdvisor’s new Special Offers map view, potential guests get access to both—at the same time! This view lets travelers easily identify hotels that are running promotions in their desired location.

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When guests first click on the ‘Map View’ for a particular destination, they only see the top 30 hotels based on the popularity index. If you are ranked below #30 in your area, you will not show up on this map.

This is where your Special Offer can help.

When you post a Special Offer, your hotel will be on the default map view for that destination when the consumer filters for ‘Special Offers’ — regardless of your ranking If your hotel is below #30 in the popularity index, you can gain instant visibility, which equates to more potential guests.

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Need more incentives to have a Special Offer?

Special Offers give you a great opportunity to gain more prominence for your property on TripAdvisor in four other prime locations:
• Your listings page, right under your direct contact information
• ‘Deals and Offers’ tab of the hotel listings for your area
• The ‘Offers’ promo box at the top of the hotel listings for your area
• The ‘Deals and Offers’ section of TripWatch

Business Listings subscribers are able to post a Special Offer and manage it themselves, updating it as frequently as they would like. If you are a Business Listings subscriber and you have yet posted a Special Offer, give it a try today! If you would like to learn more about Business Listings, go here.

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