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Introducing the new TripAdvisor Management Center

We’re excited to announce the launch of TripAdvisor’s Management Center, which replaces the Owners’ Center and offers improved navigation, familiar free management resources, and a new educational platform to help hospitality businesses make the most of their presence on TripAdvisor.


All of the tools you rely on to manage your online reputation and engage with the TripAdvisor traveler community are still available, but in a more intuitive layout. For example, everything review related – tracking, responding, encouraging, disputing, etc. — can be found in one location, the new ‘Manage your reviews’ section.


To help businesses better market themselves and drive sales through TripAdvisor, we’ve created informational content in three different formats:
• Videos, to give you a general overview of a topic;
• Tip sheets, which summarize all key action items
• In-depth ‘how to’ guides that go into greater detail and give step-by-step instructions.

We’ve also integrated TripAdvisor for Business blog posts so you can get industry news, new site features, webinar and master class timetables, interviews with key staff, and other updates delivered on your Management Center “What TripAdvisor can do for you” page.

Finally, why the name change? We think “Management Center” better reflects that not only owners but also managers, marketers, PR, and customer service staff can get a lot out of the tools and resources located here. So share this information with your staff, explore, and check back regularly on the blog to see what else we’re developing to help you build your business!

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