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Reputation management – you have to create it before you can manage it!

TripAdvisor partnered with Tnooz this week on a webinar focusing on Reputation Management.  Some very useful tips came out of the webinar, one being you can’t manage a reputation until you have created it and that takes work and dedication!  Below are some of the tips they shared:

  • Getting your employees on board is essential – they have to know what your vision is and share it. Hiring and training people who are committed to providing excellent customer service goes a long way.  
  • User-generated content (reviews and opinions) can help you get more revenue from your own booking website and become less dependent on paid advertising, OTAs or wholesale contracts.
  • Consumer reviews not only provide great fresh content to reassure potential guests, they are also taken into account by major search engines for ranking algorithms. That means your reviews can optimize your property’s search engine performance.
  • Learn from your reviews, show guests that you appreciate their feedback by taking action. Post Management Responses to your reviews, reiterate or highlight positive feedback, use them as an opportunity to address issues, and correct any inaccurate information. Remember your response will not just be read by the reviewer but all your potential guests too.
  • Don’t be shy about asking for reviews – send a post-stay email thanking the guest and include a link to your review form, or download some handy resources from your TripAdvisor Management Center.

If you’d like to hear more, a full recording of the Reputation Management and Beyond – Getting the Most from Traveler Reviews webinar will be going up on the Tnooz website later this week.

You can also check out the dates and sign up for TripAdvisor’s new program of Webinars here.

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