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Forum roundup: Managing your account Q&A

We’ve addressed some of the questions that commonly come up in the Business forums around managing your account on TripAdvisor.

I’ve just discovered there are two listings for my property with slightly different names. How can I have them combined and all my reviews put under one listing?

 If your property has been listed on TripAdvisor more than once, you can request to have the listings merged and all the reviews from the duplicate listing transferred across.

  • Go to the ‘Manage your page’ section of your Management Center for the listing that you wish to retain.
  • Click on ‘Report duplicate listing’ in the Property administration tasks section at the bottom.
  • Fill in the exact name of the duplicate listing and its URL and click ‘Submit.’

We will then investigate and make the necessary changes.

I would like to add my name to my management responses as I feel it would make them more personal. How can I do this?

 The name that appears on management responses is the name attached to your TripAdvisor user profile. If you want to add a name or change it, log into TripAdvisor and click on the ‘Your TripAdvisor’ dropdown at the top of the page.

  • Select ‘Profile.’
  • Go to ‘Account info’ in the menu on the left hand side of the page.
  • Click the edit link at the top of the page.
  • Fill in the ‘First name’ ‘Last name’ fields with name you would like to appear and click ‘Save.’

This will affect new management responses, but not pre-existing ones.

I manage several properties. Is it possible to register as manager for more than one hotel?

 Yes, but you will need to register for each new property individually using the same username and log in details.  Once they are all added, you can toggle between them using the ‘Manage your listings’ dropdown at the top of your page.

 Our Guest Services Manager has recently left the hotel. I’m wondering how to remove him from our account and add his replacement?

 To remove a manager from your hotel’s account go to the Contact us form, select ‘Property information is incorrect’ and in the comments box give the username and email address of the employee and request that they be removed.   Your new manager will need to set up an account on TripAdvisor and register as a representative through the Management Center.

The TripAdvisor Business Forums are a great place to get advice and discuss issues with other business owners.  You can access the forums through the ‘Get help with your questions’ page of your Management Center.

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