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Using video to showcase your business

Videos are a great way to give potential guests an additional perspective on your property. A good video can convey the atmosphere of a place better than photos or descriptions.

The success of a video is all about capturing what makes your property special. Is it the convenient location, the beautiful scenery, the wide range of amenities or the rustic charm?

We took a look at some of the different property videos on TripAdvisor, ranging from high-budget professional productions to movies filmed on a camcorder, so we could share some good examples.

A great video which conveys the atmosphere using warm lighting and evocative music is from the Gaynor Ranch Resort in Montana. This short clip oozes a down-home charm that lets travelers know exactly what they are getting – nature, cosy log cabins and total escape from city life!

On the other side of the coin, the sophisticated video for La Manga Club Hotel Principe Felipe leaves potential guests in no doubt that they can expect 5-star luxury all the way. From the manicured lawns to the marble floors, the video exudes quality and glamour.

The Cortijo Valverde B&B in Andalusia has taken a more ‘travel guide’ approach to create a useful video for prospective guests who might not know the area. In a well-scripted voiceover the owner talks about the history of the region and lists local places of interest and activities, and gives a very comprehensive walkthrough of the property itself. 

A recent video for Chalet Les Pelerins, in Chamonix, uses an original movie-style approach to appeal to an audience of young skiers and families. The video plays out as a day at the chalet – from the alarm going off in the morning, through action on the slopes, to lights off in the evening.

A more direct style is the simple but informative base2stay Kensington video which lists all the amenities available at the hotel in a clear and contemporary way, reflective of the brand’s concept.

Whichever style of video you feel best showcases your property, you will find some useful tips in our guide ‘How to make a great promotional video for your business’.

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