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New Widget Center makes it easier than ever to bring TripAdvisor content to your site

We’re excited to announce our new Widget Center, where all the tools to bring TripAdvisor content to your site can be found in one convenient place.  Whether you want to showcase your rating and awards, display your reviews, promote your area or encourage more reviews, you’ll find the widget you need available for free in the new Center. 

Studies show that travelers want to see other travelers’ opinions before they make their lodging choice, and widgets help bring that information to your site.  If you haven’t used a widget before and would like to see how other businesses are leveraging TripAdvisor content, the Widget Center’s new ‘see it in use’ feature shows examples of how different websites have incorporated traveler feedback.

Widgets in the new center are organized by theme so hospitality businesses and destination websites can easily find their desired content. They are available in several different size options and in all twenty-one languages in which TripAdvisor operates. Customized code for each widget that can be easily sent directly to your webmaster is available in the Center, as well.  If you do have any questions, there is contact link on every page.

Visit the Widget Center now and start leveraging the power of TripAdvisor content on your site!

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