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How some properties are doing it right: great examples of management responses

Replying to reviews is very important, both to show that you take customer feedback seriously and to reassure potential guests that any issues which may have been mentioned in recent reviews have been addressed. Before writing a management response it’s a good idea to have a look and see how other businesses are responding to their reviews. How are they dealing with different kinds of feedback and, if you were a potential guest, would their reply have answered any questions you had and set your mind at rest?

We’ve picked out a few examples of management responses to different types of reviews that we think do a good job.

Clarifying and personalising: In this example the review itself is positive with just one minor issue. The management response does a very good job of explaining the owner’s position and clarifying the rules for future guests. It then ends with a nice personalised reference to the guest’s stay and an invitation to come back again soon.

Thoughtful and detailed: This management response to a disgruntled guest’s review goes into great detail to explain the reasoning and philosophy behind the issue. While the response is quite long, future guests who take the time to read it will be clear on the owner’s viewpoint, and either be totally on board with his efforts to reduce the property’s carbon footprint or go elsewhere.

Proactive and efficient: Another great response from the management at this hotel. While the issue is clearly out of the hotel’s control, the reply shows that management is doing everything possible to try and prevent a recurrence.

Apologetic and reassuring: This is one of those unfortunate cases where the reviewer has clearly had a disappointing experience from the start and all that can be done is apologize sincerely.  The management response does this well, making no excuses, whilst still reassuring future guests that the property is accessible and that action is being taken on the other points. 

These are just a few examples of the many great management responses on the site. You’ll find more ideas and tips on how to respond to traveler reviews in our guide and tip sheet.

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