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Master Classes Complete their World Tour for 2011

…And we’ve put a lot of pins on our travel map in the process. When we weren’t busy flying from San Diego to Santiago this year, we were crossing the ocean(s) to Europe and beyond. We brought our free Master Classes not only across the Americas, but to a variety of European and Pan-Asian locations as well, attracting 1,176 hospitality industry professionals. Rounding out a successful year, our series of free educational seminars voyaged to 8 more world cities: Rome, Milan, Jakarta, Bali, Bangkok, Phuket, Liverpool, and Exeter.

Thank you to the nearly 2,500 total professionals (across the globe!) for attending, and for your valuable feedback – we plan to continue the trend of providing you with practical and innovative advice that you can bring directly back to your business.

Check out our previous post for a look at our tour across the Americas, plus more on what our Master Classes are all about. We’ll be taking them on the road again in 2012, so watch for a packed schedule in the New Year.


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