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New slideshow feature brings photos to life

On TripAdvisor, rave reviews, thoughtful management responses, and a lovely business description will get you far. But a stunning photo is worth a thousand words.

Site research has shown that travelers are 150% more engaged with listings that have 20+ photos than with those that have only a few. This means that the more visual proof of your inviting amenities you give to travelers, the more interested in your business they become. And quality matters!

To that end, we are now making it easier for Business Listings subscribers to present guests with an inviting look inside their business with an elegant, professional-looking slideshow that takes a few minutes at most to create. We do the work for you – all you do is choose the photos.

Through your Management Center, you can add anywhere from 5 to 25 photos (we recommend the latter) to your property for inclusion in your slideshow. As a Business Listing subscriber, both your direct contact details and any Special Offers you are running will appear at the bottom of the slideshow at all times.

You also have complete control over this new feature, and can update photos at any time based on seasonality or your own marketing needs. Does your property transform itself into a Winter Wonderland for the holidays? You may want to showcase that in your photos this month. Does your property pride itself on a small, intimate, family feel? Is it known for a specific event or celebration? Let your pictures do the talking! Choose photos that truly represent your business and the best you have to offer. There is no better feeling for a traveler than to choose a property based in part on its fabulous photos…and then to arrive to find exactly what they were expecting (or more). Get travelers excited about visiting you!

To get started with your slideshow (it really does take just a matter of minutes), login in to your account and in your Management Center you will see a note telling you that your slideshow is not yet active. Click on “Create one now” and follow the instructions to upload your photos. Your slideshow will be live on the site within 12-24 hours.

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