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Management Center now always within reach – literally

You may have noticed a couple of subtle changes this week to the links that connect you with your owner’s tools. In our latest improvement for registered business owners, we’ve made accessing your Management Center even easier by giving you two simple ways to get there from any TripAdvisor page.

First, where you previously saw the link “Manage your listing” in the top right of the homepage, you’ll now see “Your Business & Account.” Clicking here will give you the option to visit your Management Center (if you have multiple registered businesses on TripAdvisor you will see a list of these to choose from), or to manage your TripAdvisor account itself (your profile, subscriptions, contributions, and more). Everything you need to manage your relationship with TripAdvisor can be found via this link, making it a great place to start when you visit the site to update your registered business’ listing or your account.

There is also a new second way to get quickly and directly to your Management Center. The main navigation bar at the top of each page on the site which gives you links to the major categories on TripAdvisor such as hotels, flights, etc. (the big green one – you can’t miss it!), now also has a tab on the right entitled “Your Business.” Click here and you’ll head straight to your Management Center (if you have multiple businesses you’ll again have the choice of which to manage first).

Both links remain available all across the site, making it simple for you to get access to your TripAdvisor tools whenever you need them.

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