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What’s the story? Tell 50 million+ travelers why your property is unique

A breathtaking view, recently-renovated bathrooms, or a particularly memorable turndown service: guests want to hear about your property’s unique qualities. The interesting details or little extras that define an establishment are often what draw guests to choose one over another of comparable price and quality.

A great way to make sure you highlight your property’s best and most memorable features is to enter some descriptive information into the “Hotel amenities” section of your business’ page. When travelers click the “Hotel amenities” link, it brings up a box that not only shows them what basic amenities you offer (fitness center, WiFi, etc.), but also a description of your property, which could include your trademark characteristics, special services, etc. This gives you a chance to highlight, in your own words, what makes your property such a great choice.

Over the next couple of posts we’ll look at how several properties on TripAdvisor are already using the “Hotel amenities” box description to their advantage in different ways.


After your property has been refurbished, repaired, or renovated, you’ll want to spread the word so that travelers know that now is the perfect time to come stay. In their “Hotel amenities” box, The Kingsley by Thistle hotel in London, for example, cites a £10 million restoration and refurbishment program, as a result of which “every area of the hotel has been transformed – our bedrooms have been completely modernised with a contemporary design and vibrant soft furnishings.” An enticing description that lets guests know that they are in for a treat if this is the hotel they select.

Renovations that consist of making a tired space feel modern and new, as with The Kinglsey by Thistle, can be a valuable draw for potential guests. But over on the other side of the pond, the Belton Chalet in Montana describes a refurbishment that didn’t really update the space, but rather restored and preserved the 1910 building, which is now a National Historic Landmark. Belton Chalet invites guests, via its descriptive text, to “be a part of their history” in a property that has been maintained to reflect its cultural and historical significance.

Both properties take the opportunity, in the “Hotel amenities” box, to proudly showcase the work they have done to improve their establishment for guests.

Regardless of your own situation, it is important to tell visitors what they can expect from your property, and the “Hotel amenities” box is the perfect place to do it. Has your property been beautifully renovated or restored? Invite travelers into your new (or old) space by heading to your Management Center and clicking “Edit property description/amenities.”

For more, see our guide on Marketing your property on TripAdvisor for free.

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