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The St. Ermin’s Hotel story: listening to guest reviews truly pays off

“Look elsewhere if things like service and comfort are among your top priorities” said one guest in a review from years ago. After changing hands 3 times in 5 years, the St. Ermin’s Hotel was falling into disrepair. Reviews of the London hotel were mediocre, often citing outdated furnishings and amenities and sub-par service. And the TripAdvisor Popularity Index rating reflected it: out of more than 1,000 hotels in London, St. Ermin’s had a rating of below 400.

Those same TripAdvisor reviews would be part of the catalyst for change. When Amerimar Enterprises acquired the hotel in 2010, they saw that a clear trend had emerged; time and again, reviewers on TripAdvisor were pinpointing the tiredness of the property and the lackluster service. For owners, this was the “green light” they needed – with direction from guest reviews, they knew what they needed to fix.

And fix it they did. Amerimar addressed the building issues with a sizable renovation, and they instituted an entirely new approach to customer service based on continually listening to, and heeding, guest feedback.

The result? Six months after reopening, St. Ermin’s had climbed from the 400s in the rankings for London hotels on TripAdvisor to #18. Listening to what customers had to say put the hotel on the right path to becoming a beloved London destination.

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