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One in Two UK Accommodation Owners/Managers Expect to be More Profitable in 2012

TripAdvisor’s Industry Index 2012 survey results were released today in the UK, U.S., Spain, Italy and France. The Industry Index survey is one of the world’s largest hotel business surveys incorporating responses from more than 9000 accommodation owners and managers from around the world, of which 1,100 were from the UK.

The Index gauges the industry’s outlook for the year ahead. From the survey results, we discovered that:

  • 85% of UK accommodation owners report being profitable in 2011, making the UK the third most profitable region surveyed
  • 50% percent of UK respondents are also optimistic about their businesses’ profitability in 2012, expecting their business to be more profitable this year, as compared to a global average of 58%
  • Only 12% of UK respondents are planning to create new jobs due to the current economy

UK accommodation owners were less optimistic about the general economy with only 19% of respondents believing the economy will improve in 2012, with 65% of respondents stating that concerns about the economy have influenced financial planning for 2012.

In addition, less than 50% of the UK’s hospitality industry plans to engage with travellers using mobile devices in 2012, one of this year’s emerging travel marketing trends, putting them behind the global response of 53%.

“The TripAdvisor Industry Index reveals scepticism among UK accommodation owners. Despite being one of the most profitable regions in 2011, they are cautious with their business plans for 2012 due to concerns over the country’s economic recovery,” said Christine Petersen, president of TripAdvisor for Business.

See the coverage of this on Tnooz, Caterer and Hotelkeeper and MSN Money.

For more data from the TripAdvisor Industry Index, please download the report here.

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