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Hoteliers Share the Secrets to their Success with TripAdvisor

The owners and managers of four Caribbean properties recently sat down to tell us how they use TripAdvisor as a tool for their business – from marketing their accommodations to staying current with the needs of guests. Representatives from each weighed in on making TripAdvisor reviews work for them, sharing customer feedback with staff, and the role of TripAdvisor Business Listings. All very popular with travelers, these establishments were also the recipients of 2012 Travelers’ Choice Awards. In the following video, hear from the management of these four properties – Hermitage Bay, Nisbet Plantation Beach Club, East Winds Inn, and The Cove Atlantis – and gain insight into their success.

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  1. What did they think of the “ratings without a review” idea? It doesn’t seem to have come up.

    March 5, 2012
  2. Mi opinion is that Trip advisor is too big. For Hostals and passangers. Myself doesnt know to whom contact with. Just try to get closer to the people. We are not machines.

    March 7, 2012

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