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Small hotel, big results: One guesthouse owner’s testimonial


“Second time better than the first” raves the most recent review. Also described as “immaculately kept,” and “simply amazing,” the small, five-room Palmetto Guesthouse has certainly caused a big stir with travelers. The overwhelmingly positive TripAdvisor reviews frequently cite the cleanliness, intimate feel, and fabulous hosts. But owner Mark Hayward also makes a dedicated commitment to marketing, taking full advantage of numerous tools TripAdvisor offers to businesses.

In Hayward’s arsenal are eye-catching widgets, which bring TripAdvisor content straight to the hotel’s website. To address any traveler concerns and to thank guests for sharing positive experiences, he also uses management responses. Also crucial to Hayward’s efforts – and what he calls a “huge component” in bringing in guests – is his Business Listings subscription. With travelers already checking TripAdvisor for honest travel advice, adding Business Listings helps potential customers take the next step towards booking by allowing them to contact the Palmetto Guesthouse directly. Business Listings lets Hayward promote special offers, post slideshows, and more, as well.

To get started with a Business Listing, see

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