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How to promote your Certificate of Excellence Award

If you a recipient of the 2012 Certificate of Excellence Award, congratulations! Take this great opportunity to share the great news with your past and future guests.

Keep an eye out for a certificate in the mail to display your award for all of your guests and staff to see.

Over the past couple years, we’ve seen businesses coming up with great ways to display their awards, whether it is framing it and displaying it at the check-in counters or taking a group photo with the staff and posting it on your website. (Share the great news on Twitter! Tweet us @TripAdvisor4Biz and we will re-tweet the exciting news to our followers and feature a few in an upcoming blog post!)

You can also display your Certificate of Excellence award on your website or Facebook page by adding the widget. Visit your Management Center to get the code.

This is also a perfect chance to create some buzz for your business! Let your local media know that you are one of the top businesses on TripAdvisor by using our press release template, which can be found in your Management Center.

To learn more about how you can promote your Certificate of Excellence Award – or any award for that matter – see our “How to promote your awards and bring in new business” tip sheet.

You can also register for our upcoming “Promoting your TripAdvisor Award” webinar on Thursday, June 14 at 4 p.m. EST Click here to register.

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