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More visibility for villages in TripAdvisor search results

We’ve recently changed the way we list some small villages – like parishes, hamlets, or wards – on TripAdvisor. In cases where a small village is commonly recognized as belonging to a larger municipality with a distinct name, the businesses in that small village may appear in search results for both (a) the small village and (b) the larger municipality.

For example, the Storybook Inn is located in Skyforest, California. Skyforest is a small community within the larger, commonly searched municipality of Lake Arrowhead. So, when a TripAdvisor traveler searches for the destination “Lake Arrowhead”, Storybook Inn will display as the “#1 of 2 hotels in Skyforest” and the “#1 of 14 hotels in Lake Arrowhead.” The Storybook Inn will show up in searches for both “Skyforest” and “Lake Arrowhead.” 

For owners, this means greater visibility in search results and more visibility for your business. For travelers, it means more accommodation, restaurant, and attraction options when planning a trip.

If your business is located in a small town or village that belongs to a larger, better known city or municipality, you may contact TripAdvisor through your Management Center to request that we update your location to reflect this. You must provide TripAdvisor with proof of location: a copy of your business license or tax bill, or a link to a page on your local tourist board’s website that recognizes your smaller location as part of the larger location. Our Editors will review any proof of location submitted. TripAdvisor cannot guarantee that all requested changes will be made.

See the full guide for more details on these recent changes.

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  1. Exactly which link on the Business Management Centre are we supposed to use? Wrong location or what?

    June 14, 2012

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