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Certificate of Excellence winner? Order your hardcopy!

A hard copy certificate was sent to Certificate of Excellence winners and should be in mailboxes by mid-July. If you don’t receive one by then, or would like a copy in a different language, look no further than your Management Center! We have set up an online form that you can fill out and we will mail a personalized paper certificate commemorating a year of great service to your guests.

Here are the steps to order a certificate:

1)   Log on to your property’s Management Center.

2)   Click on “Online Marketing Tools.”

3)   Click on “View options” under the “Display your rating and reviews” section.

4)   From there, you will see your Certificate of Excellence widget. Click on “Select” under the widget.

5)   Scroll down to the “Display a certificate in your property too!” section.” Click on “Get Certificate.”

6)   Fill out the form with your property’s information. A paper certificate should arrive in about 8 weeks.

Once you receive the certificate, be sure to share it with your guests and staff, then show us how you do it! Tweet us your photos and/or videos @TripAdvisor4Biz and we will re-tweet as many as possible!

Previous recipients have framed and displayed their Certificate of Excellence Award at their front desk or lobby for all guests to see. We have also seen great photos of staff gathered around with a copy of their certificate.

To learn more about how you can promote your Certificate of Excellence award, see the “How to promote your TripAdvisor award and bring in new business” guide.

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