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New York City Certificate of Excellence Winners Celebrate at TripAdvisor Cocktail Party

After a successful Certificate of Excellence celebratory bash in London on Wednesday evening, the TripAdvisor for Business team headed back across the Atlantic to host a second party in New York City on Thursday.

May 2012 marked the launch of TripAdvisor’s third round of Certificate of Excellence awards. This year, an even greater number of businesses provided exemplary service than during the previous year. As a result, even more accommodations, restaurants, and attractions were awarded a 2012 Certificate of Excellence. And what better way to honor these winners than to throw a cocktail party on top of the Ink48 Hotel in Manhattan. New York City winners braved sweltering summer temperatures to attend the party at Press Lounge – Ink48’s 16th floor outdoor terrace and indoor lounge – and were rewarded with stunning views of the Manhattan skyline and the Hudson River.

With champagne in hand, 180 guests assembled on the outdoor terrace, where Julio Bruno – TripAdvisor’s Global Vice President of Sales – toasted the winners. Julio congratulated the winning hotels – which ranked in the top 10% of all accommodations listed on TripAdvisor – as well as the winning restaurants and attractions.

Proud Certificate of Excellence winners mingled and enjoyed cocktails and appetizers as the sun set over Manhattan. Winners also celebrated with Ollie the Owl, who dressed up for the occasion and donned his signature bowtie. At least one winner managed to land a kiss on Ollie’s beak; rumor has it that Ollie blushed beneath his feathers.

The TripAdvisor for Business team thanks New York City winners who attended this year’s cocktail party and extends its congratulations to all Certificate of Excellence winners worldwide. Stay excellent – we hope to see you at next year’s party.

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To see all of the photos from the party, go here.

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