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Send your guests home with a reminder to write a review

The Management Center has two different handouts that you can give your guests to encourage more reviews:

1) Custom reminder cards
Distribute this business cardsized handout at checkout, at the end of their meal, or when the tour comes to an end to remind guests to write a review when they return home.The reminder cards are customizable, so you can add in your property name and city. What’s even better is that the first 250 cards are free! You only need to pay for the shipping (typically $6-$10).

2) Reminder flyer
Another great way to ask your guests to write about their experience at your property is to hand out this downloadable reminder flyer.

The reminder cards and flyer are accessible in your Management Center.

Here are the steps on how to get there:

1) From your Management Center homepage, go to “Manage Your Reviews.”

2) Click on “Learn more” under “Encourage new reviews.”

3) You will be directed to the “Get more reviews” page. From there, go to the “Put a Reminder in their Hands” section and click “Select”

4) There, you will see the two options

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