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An in-depth look at the mid-year Industry Index: Europe

The TripAdvisor Industry Index™ mid-year report included responses from more than 25,000 hoteliers worldwide, including those in Europe. Here’s a breakdown of some of the key findings for that region:


Which European countries plan to drop their rates over the next six months? Our survey found Greece (58%), Spain (43%) and Italy (36%) at the top of the list.

Profitability and Economic Outlook:

Turkey leads Europe, with 39 percent of hoteliers saying they are extremely or very profitable so far in 2012, followed by Russia (33%) and Germany (32%) UK (22%), Spain (12%), France (8%) and Italy (4%).

Of large properties (50+ rooms) in Europe, more than 50 percent in Turkey and Germany expect the economy to improve from now until the end of the year. Greece was the least optimistic in Europe, as 59 percent of hoteliers from large properties believe the economy will get worse.


European job outlook is the most positive in Turkey, with 29% of properties planning to increase their staff in the next six months. Germany (19%), Spain (16%), Russia (16%) and Greece (10%) made the top five for the region.

Social Media:

Turkish, Russian and Greek hoteliers topped the list for social media engagement with current or potential guests. Here is the breakdown by country:

Special Offers:

Room discounts are the most popular special offer in Europe. Notably, almost 77 percent of hoteliers in Greece say this is their most common incentive to encourage bookings. The UK had the highest percentage (24%) of hoteliers in the region that say they do not provide special offers.


France surpassed all other countries in Europe with 85 percent reporting they use eco-friendly practices at their property. France also came in 4th in the world, with Italy in 6th (83%).

To see more European statistics from the Industry Index, see this full report.

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