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Independent research firm finds Canadian hotel’s Business Listings “more than pays for itself in one day”

On the fence about upgrading to a Business Listing? According to our most recent independent case study,* the L’Hermitage hotel in Vancouver, British Columbia, says they “convert at least one incremental two-night booking that is directly attributable to Business Listings.”

TripAdvisor teamed up with Forrester Consulting to conduct a case study on the 60-room boutique hotel and found some compelling results:

  • $64 in incremental bookings for every dollar spent
  • A very positive 5,360% risk-adjusted ROI (return on investment)
  • A break-even point within one month
  • A projected $327,874 in incremental bookings over a three-year period on a $7,500 investment

To read the full case study, as well as others from around the globe, go to our Business Listings’ case study page.

*In the TripAdvisor-commissioned study “The Total Economic Impact Of TripAdvisor’s Business Listings,” July 2012

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