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Survey shows what attracts travelers to European property pages

Have you wondered what makes travelers spend more time on certain TripAdvisor property pages? TripAdvisor recently conducted a study and found that the more reviews, content, and management responses an accommodation has on TripAdvisor, the more engaged travelers will be.

Here is a breakdown of the results for Europe:

The number of reviews can make a big difference! The study found that European properties with more reviews attract more attention from travelers.

  • Accommodations with 11+ reviews see 28% more engagement than those with fewer reviews
  • Accommodations with 50+ reviews see 38% more engagement than those with 10 or fewer reviews

Management Responses
According to the study, hotels that post management responses see higher rates of engagement from travelers, and also tend to see higher ratings.

  • Accommodations with more than 5 management responses see 17% more traveller engagement than those with less than or equal to 5 responses

Having more photos and videos can give properties an edge over their competitors.

  • Accommodations with 30 or more photos have 42% more engagement than those with 10 or fewer photos
  • Accommodations with at least one video have 21% more engagement than properties without a video

To encourage reviews, write management responses and post photos and vides, go to your TripAdvisor Management Center.

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