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Independent Study: Resort attributes $84,639 of incremental bookings to TripAdvisor Business Listings

“Obtaining incremental bookings through TripAdvisor Business Listings is important to our resort.” – Nilson Junior, Salinas do Maragogi Resort marketing analyst

In January 2013, TripAdvisor commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct an independent case study on Salinas do Maragogi, a 236-room all-inclusive resort on northeastern Brazil’s Coral Coast. The resort became a TripAdvisor Business Listings subscriber in November 2011. The Salinas do Maragogi team believed Business Listings would drive incremental, qualified traffic to the property’s website and give them an opportunity to increase booking revenue. The team also believed Business Listings would make the resort more visible to prospective guests.

Forrester has analyzed the property’s use of Business Listings and reported* the following results:

  • $13 in incremental bookings for every dollar spent on Business Listing
  • 955% return on investment (risk adjusted) over three years
  • 8 month break-even point on initial investment
  • $84,639 in incremental bookings (risk adjusted) over three years

“Business Listings brings customers right to our site and gives us more qualified targets. It brings us visitors who definitely want to book an accommodation, they know what they want, and they’re more qualified to spend a greater amount at our resort.” – Nilson Junior, Salinas do Maragogi Resort marketing analyst

To read more about Salinas do Maragogi’s Business Listing experience, check out our one page overview. To learn more about Business Listings, visit You can read the full report here.

*In the TripAdvisor-commissioned study “The Total Economic Impact of TripAdvisor’s Business Listings,” conducted by Forrester Consulting, January 2013.

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