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TripAdvisor app – and your property page – preloaded on new Samsung Galaxy S4

Yesterday, Samsung launched their new flagship device, the Galaxy S4.  This is the next generation of the Galaxy S3 which sold more than 50 million devices globally. The phone has a lot of impressive new features, including the ability to track eye movement and pause film when you stop watching; 1920 x 1080 resolution; and a 13 mega-pixel camera.

The Galaxy S4 also comes with the TripAdvisor app – the only travel app that’s been preloaded.  If your business is on TripAdvisor, that means that your property page is represented on every single Galaxy S4 and your photos are included, too.  And if you’re a Business Listing subscriber, so are your contact and click-to-call details.  That’s particularly good news since one of the exclusive features we added to the Samsung special addition version for the Galaxy S4 is the ability for travelers to load contact information for a hotel, attraction or restaurant to the device’s contacts list with a single click.

Travelers will also be able to load details of hotels and flights found on TripAdvisor into the phone’s native calendar app, and Samsung has chosen to showcase TripAdvisor destination photos in two of their apps, including their Travel Widget and lock screen slideshow.  We’re excited about this partnership with Samsung and the added visibility we can offer to all of the businesses listed on TripAdvisor!

Samsung_SavedPOI screenshot


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