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Drive traveler engagement with photos

Did you know that properties with 30 or more photos have over 45% more traveler engagement than those with 10 or less? Visuals continue to be an important part of your property’s listing on TripAdvisor. Here are a few tips to help you optimize your photos:

– Make photos a priority: There’s no limit to the number of photos you can add to your TripAdvisor property page. Build your listing’s photo gallery by adding five photos each month.

– Change your primary photo: The primary photo is your most visible image – it shows up in search results and the index for your location. Grab potential guests’ attention by regularly updating the photo to reflect the seasons, enhancements to the property, etc.

Track your photo performance: Assess how well your photos are performing with the Snapshot in the Management Center (in the Your Property Overview section). Look for the Visitors viewing photos metric to see the percentage of travelers who view your photos. Improve those numbers over time by testing different primary photos or uploading various styles of images.

For more tips and detailed instructions on how to add photos to your listing, check out this guide.


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