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What’s hot with mobile? Why Mobile Matters webinar recap

Did you miss our recent webinar featuring our Director of Mobile? Well, it missed you too.

Good news: the recording is ready! Watch now: Why Mobile Matters and How to Craft a Marketing Strategy

In just one hour, you’ll gain lots of easy-to-implement tips to boost mobile bookings. For instance, our Director of Mobile, Sanjay Vakil, answers hoteliers’ most popular mobile marketing questions, including:

Sanja Vakil, TripAdvisor's Director of Mobile

Sanjay Vakil, Director of Mobile

1. Will this webinar be available to watch later?
Why, yes, you can watch it now actually (great question, by the way).

2. What is geocoding, and why is it so important?
It’s a more precise way to identify your property’s location on a map. And it can make a big difference for encouraging walk-ins, increasing user photos and improving guest satisfaction.

3. What best practices should I follow regarding TripAdvisor and mobile devices?
You want to make it as easy as possible for potential guests to contact you. The big thing to do? Enable click to call on your property’s listing page.

4. Should I prioritize a mobile website or an app first?
It really depends on your brand, budget and customer base. In the webinar, Sanjay walks you through what you should consider.

5. What are my options for creating a mobile-friendly website?
Your main options are a standalone mobile-optimized site or a responsive website. Check out the webinar for the differences between them and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Want more? Hundreds of hospitality professionals have already viewed the webinar on-demand, in addition to 1,500+ who registered to watch the webinar live. So don’t get left behind – check out Why Mobile Matters and How to Craft a Marketing Strategy and make good use of TripAdvisor’s expertise!

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