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The new Special Offer Email Redemption option: 3 Top Tips

Today, it’s easier than ever for your customers to redeem your Special Offers! There’s now an email redemption option, which allows potential guests to email you directly to inquire about your offer. It’s just one more way to connect with travelers when they are making booking decisions.

Here are our top tips for using Email Redemption:

–        Make booking easy: Provide your travelers with as many redemption options as possible, including email.

–        Provide a unique address: To see how successful your offer is, use a dedicated address for each offer, then track the emails you receive to each one.

–        Respond promptly: Travelers consider an average of seven properties before booking. To rise above the competition, respond as quickly as possibly to the traveler’s email. Also, include the original inquiry with your response.

Try out the new email redemption option today in the Management Center. Under the Business Listings status window, click the link next to Special Offer. Select “Create a Special Offer” and fill in the details in Step 1. In Step 2, select the email redemption option and provide an email address. Set the dates for the offer then preview and post it.

Not a Business Listings subscriber? See everything you’re missing at And be sure to check out the Mobile Upgrade for Business Listings, which allows you to share your Special Offer with an additional 45 million monthly visitors.

Don’t forget the Email Redemption option when setting up your Special Offer

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