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Won a 2013 Certificate of Excellence? Here’s what to do now

A friendly smile at check in. The fragrance of your complimentary toiletries. A personalized response to a guest review.

You make it your job to focus on the little things. Now it’s time to focus on a big thing: How to promote your Certificate of Excellence award.

So here are our top tips for promoting your Certificate of Excellence, which can encourage new guests and strengthen your relationship with previous ones.

1. Showcase your win on your website. Go to the Management Center to add a free widget that advertises your win and links to your TripAdvisor page. Have a blog? Write a post about winning a Certificate of Excellence, too.

2. Display your certificate or plaque. Show visitors the results of all your hard work. You and your staff deserve to be proud, so don’t be shy. Hang your printed certificate or plaque in your lobby or behind the reception desk.

3. Alert the press. The Management Center has a press release template for Certificate of Excellence winners, so all you need to do is fill in a few details. Then email the press release to the travel or business reporters for your local newspapers.

4. Post on social media sites. Give existing fans something to share with soon-to-be fans. If you have the TripAdvisor Facebook app, you can display your award in the “Praise from TripAdvisor Travelers” section. The Management Center even has a “Display your award” page with a pre-written Facebook post and Tweet you can use to promote your award. Don’t have a Facebook page or Twitter account yet? Now’s the perfect time to start.

5. Celebrate with past guests. Their great feedback helped you win, so tell them about your award. That way, you can thank them for their support and also encourage them to visit again soon and tell their friends, too.

Want to learn more about how to promote your Certificate of Excellence and make your TripAdvisor page as compelling as it can be? Visit the Management Center for free tips, guides, promotional tools and more.

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