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Tracking Your Business Listings Activity

If you have a Business Listing, you’ve made it much easier for travelers to get in touch with you directly and book. But which points of contact perform best for your property?  Tracking your Business Listing activity is a critical part of making the most of your subscription. Knowing which channels generate the most contacts or what Special Offers resonate best with guests allows you to make small adjustments that make a big difference.

The first way to track your Business Listings activity, as well as your property’s overall TripAdvisor performance, is with the Property Dashboard in the Management Center. This dashboard is available exclusively to Business Listings subscribers and shows market trends, competitor metrics and more. You can use this information to develop and execute more effective strategies for your property. Check out this tip sheet for the 5 things you should monitor each week in the dashboard.

To further evaluate your Business Listings Activity, track each piece of contact information that’s included:

  • Link Activity: Use Google Analytics to track all incoming traffic to your website, including referrals from TripAdvisor. You can also track conversions and measure the sales revenue that’s attributed to your Business Listings.
  • Telephone Activity: Work with a third party company to track calls to the number included on your listing (for a fee). You can also track phone activity for free by systematically asking all callers where they found your number and recording the results.
  • Email Activity: Set up a unique email address for use on TripAdvisor to track how many people are contacting you via that channel.
  • Special Offer Activity: Try driving clicks to a unique page on your website. You can then use Google Analytics to track how many people visited that page. Alternatively, you can associate a unique voucher code with the offer on TripAdvisor and require it at the time of booking. Then, you can count how many times the code was used.

Need more help? Check out our guide for more details and instructions.

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