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Celebrate World Environment Day by reducing your foodprint

World Environment Day 2013 is on June 5, and TripAdvisor is partnering with the United Nations Environment Programme to encourage hotels and B&Bs to “Think.Eat.Save.” and reduce their food footprint. Take action today. Why? It will preserve natural resources, demonstrate your commitment to green practices, attract eco-conscious travelers and help you save money.

Food production has a significant environmental and economical impact. Agriculture accounts for nearly 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Every year about 1.3 billion tons of food, one-third of everything we grow, is wasted. Plus, 90% of the food waste thrown away by hotels and restaurants is potentially recyclable, reusable or compostable*.

Many TripAdvisor GreenLeader hotels already have green practices in place to reduce their food footprint. For instance, The Fairmont San Francisco , a gold level TripAdvisor GreenLeader, locally sources much of their food.

Executive Chef Chad Blunston, Fairmont San Francisco

Executive Chef Chad Blunston, The Fairmont San Francisco

Chad Blunston, Executive Chef, says, “The Fairmont San Francisco is situated in one of the world’s best regions for a chef to build incredible working relationships with ranchers, artisans, fishermen, farmers and purveyors to present ingredient-driven menus that not only respect our ecological obligations, but offer unique options for our discerning guests. We are able to choose from an abundance of options in this area, which readily supply the greatest culinary gifts an environmentally-conscious chef could ask for.”

Sourcing local produce is just one simple way to make “Think.Eat.Save” part of every business day. Here are just a few others:

Donate excess food to your community. Call a food rescue organization or food bank to see if it’s possible in your city or region.

Offer a variety of meal size options, so guests can order only what they actually want to eat.

Compost leftovers. “Composting is so easy to do, even on our small city lot,” says Ruth Sproull, owner of the Little Gnesta B&B in Vermont, a gold level TripAdvisor GreenLeader.

Ruth Sproull, Little Gnesta B&B, Vermont

Ruth Sproull, Little Gnesta B&B, Vermont

“We compost yard waste and kitchen scraps like banana peels and coffee grounds. Once a year we turn it over, and within three, we have rich dark compost to spread over our garden. We tell our guests about our composting on our website and also on the information sheet in each guest room.”

Sort food waste that can’t be composted away from paper, plastic and other materials to be collected properly. Talk to your waste collection company in your county to help you set up a waste collection bin.

Be inspired and inspire others. Visit the United Nations World Environment Day website to register your food-saving activity today, and don’t forget to fill out the food section of your GreenLeaders survey.


*United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization, Zero Waste SA “Fresh Facts for Restaurant, Catering and Hospitality Staff” video/OzHarvest

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