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Are you following mobile website best practices? (part 2)

Last week we looked at mobile homepage best practices. This week we’re focusing on reservation forms. Why? For you, forms are vital for direct bookings. And for travelers, filling out forms takes a significant amount of effort.

Reduce “form fatigue” and you’ll likely see higher conversion rates for mobile bookings. Here are 3 things to focus on to make your reservation form as high-performing as it can be.


Mobile version of Thompson Hotels’ booking form

1. Easy form fields
Especially on mobile devices, travelers just want to enter information as quickly as possible. That’s why Thompson Hotels smartly opts for dropdowns instead of a textbox or another more manual form field when it comes to selecting check in and check out dates.

2. Big buttons & links
Clearly label your buttons. In this case, that means “Check Availability” or something similar (on a reservation page, clarity always beats creativity). And make your links big enough to read and click on easily even when walking and using a smartphone.


Desktop version of Thompson Hotels’ booking form

3. Slimmed down forms
Start by simplifying the overall form before you simplify individual form fields. After all, what’s even easier than a dropdown menu? No dropdown at all. Thompson Hotels removes the IATA field completely on mobile because it’s not vital. Selecting check in and check out dates is still necessary. But on mobile, Thompson simplifies input with dropdowns instead of a bulky calendar interface.

Exception: If you have a separate mobile site for tablets only, consider keeping the calendar interface since you have more screen room to work with.

And those are some keys to a leaner, more efficient reservation form on your mobile site. Whether you’re building a new mobile site or updating an existing one, adhere to best practices and chances are you’ll see an uptick in bookings as a result.

For more on mobile websites, check out Mobile Marketing: How to Get Your Share of $8 Billion in Mobile Bookings and 12 Tips for Boosting Bookings on Mobile

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