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Sorry. But we’ve fixed it.

“I sure do miss those pop-ups,” said no one ever.

As you might have noticed, TripAdvisor has gotten rid of those annoying pop-up windows when travelers compare hotel prices.

Our new Hotel Price Comparison Search, or meta search as some call it, means that real-time pricing and availability from your booking partners show up in one convenient display on your property page.

Our 200 million unique monthly visitors have been pretty vocal with us for years about our prolific pop-ups. And getting rid of them makes it easier for travelers to use TripAdvisor – and visit your property page.

Basically, the streamlined pricing and availability search means a better user experience and easier bookings at your property. There are other benefits for hoteliers, too. Like more opportunities to feature Special Offers on high-traffic pages to grab attention.

To learn more, check out New Pricing and Availability Search on TripAdvisor: What It Means for Your Property and Your Business Listing.

So, yes. We’re sorry about the annoying pop-ups. And we’ll keep improving the site, like with the new Hotel Price Comparison Search, so TripAdvisor gets better and better for you and for travelers.


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