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Hotel Collection Generates 200% More Direct Bookings Via Phone Than Web

TripAdvisor recently commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct an independent study of the Ayres Hotel Collection, a group of 20 boutique hotels in California that range in size from 90 to 294 rooms. This study is the ninth in a series that examines the Total Economic Impact(TM) of TripAdvisor Business Listings, but Ayres’ robust phone tracking data has revealed some unique, new findings.*

For example, Ayres attributes about 3,000 incremental bookings across all 20 properties to Business Listings each year. Of those, over 2,000 have come from phone calls and about 1,000 have come from website clicks. The hotels generate about twice as many direct bookings via phone than web. These findings demonstrate the importance of landline and mobile phones as a booking channel for accommodation-providers.

Forrester also reported these results from its analysis of the Ayres Hotel Collection:

  • Incremental booked revenue of $2,086,214 from Business Listings
  • $16.43 earned for every $1 spent on Business Listings
  • A very fast 1 month pay back time
  • An overall ROI of 1296%

“When we first started our relationship with TripAdvisor Business Listings, we enrolled just one hotel, Ayres Hotel Anaheim, located near Disneyland … The ROI from enrolling Ayres Hotel Anaheim alone justified enrolling our entire collection of hotels with Business Listings. During the two years the entire collection has been enrolled, the ROI has been so great that we’ve stopped tracking click-throughs as closely. We know we’re getting a great return on our investment.” – Matt Hildebrant, Director of Revenue and Marketing, Ayres Hotels

You can read the full one page case study summary here or check out our Business Listings’ case study page. To learn more about Business Listings, including how your property can upgrade, visit:

*In the TripAdvisor-commissioned study “The Total Economic Impact of TripAdvisor’s Business Listings,” conducted by Forrester Consulting, May 2013.

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