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Put TripAdvisor Content to Work on Your Website

Trying to drive more online engagement for your property? The TripAdvisor widget collection is here to help by bringing new content from your TripAdvisor property page to your website or Facebook page automatically. The best part is that the widgets are all free and easy to install!

Widgets are small snippets of code that can be added to any HTML website. They provide a fresh stream of relevant content no matter where guests are researching.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll provide more details on the different categories of TripAdvisor widgets that are available to you. When trying to decide which widgets work best, ask yourself these questions:

1. How does this widget help me meet guest needs?
Website analytics will tell you where guests spend the majority of time on your website. Use widgets to provide supplemental information to guests on those pages. For example, before a guest books she may want to see reviews of your property. To help with this, you can add the widget that displays your most recent ratings and reviews to that page.

2. Where does it fit best?
In a recent interview, TripAdvisor site usability expert Patrick Coyle suggested polling customers to ask what information they need and when they need it. Consider asking friends or guests for their feedback on where traveler reviews or ratings would be most helpful.

3. How much space is there?
White space on a website can help it be more effective. That’s why widgets come in all shapes and sizes. For example, maybe you want to show off your TripAdvisor reviews, but don’t have much space. You can opt for a smaller “Recommended on TripAdvisor” widget that links to your property page.UnionStreetInn

Want to get started? Visit to see the widgets available to you. But before you go, check out our helpful guide on widgets here.

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