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Internet booking engines – time’s running out

Recently, we told you about TripAdvisor Connect, a new self-service traffic acquisition platform that’s launching in Q4 2013. Just a quick reminder to Internet booking engine representatives – there’s only a few days remaining to sign-up to become a TripAdvisor Connect Premium Launch Partner and take advantage of free publicity as part of our global PR and marketing launch campaign!

TripAdvisor Connect Premium Launch Partners who sign up by July 30th will also be able to:

  • Drive revenue by enabling hotel partners to use TripAdvisor Connect to generate bookings
  • Help properties get more reviews by delivering Review Express services seamlessly
  • Provide ROI tracking analytics to hotels to demonstrate the value of traffic acquired through TripAdvisor

Sign up to be a TripAdvisor Connect Premium Partner by July 30th, to take full advantage of the TripAdvisor Connect launch later this year.

If you’ve signed up, but haven’t reached the TripAdvisor Connect Premium level, don’t let your competitors get an edge on you! Email to learn more about how you can take advantage of everything a TripAdvisor Connect Premium partnership will offer.

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