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Want to free up staff and impress travelers?

Give guests the choice to check-in to your hotel using their smartphone.

We don’t mean virtually checking in on Facebook or Foursquare. We mean actually checking in to your property with just a few taps on their phone.

MarriottMobileCheckInMarriott Hotels launched a mobile check-in program that will reach across 325 properties this summer. Marriott Rewards members with the free Marriott app can check in after 4pm the day before they arrive.

After that, users receive an automatic notification when their room is ready. And because credit card information is stored within the user’s Marriott Rewards profile, users can go straight to a mobile check-in desk to pick up their pre-programmed key card.

Here are some reasons we think Marriott’s mobile check-in is a smart move:

  • Simplifies check-in – users only need to pick up a pre-programmed key card
  • Reduces wait times for other guests who prefer manual check-ins
  • Encourages more loyalty program signups and app downloads

This new innovation is possible because Marriott listened to what their frequent guests want. What do your guests want? Does mobile check-in make sense for your brand?

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